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PURTIER Placenta
:PURTIER Placenta is extracted from fresh deer placenta which contains the most active and most energetic live stem cells. It has been well-known as miracle substance to help people to regain youth.

Deer placenta is chosen because of its biocompatibility with humans and is known to provoke no allergic reactions.

PURTIER Placenta is specifically sourced from New Zealand rather than Europe where outbreaks of diseases such as foot & mouth disease and mad cow disease are a serious concern.

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Video A 30 second preview of the exclusive Magic Peeling Glove®


"I love it!  Your product is wondeful!  As a woman it isn't customary to reveal my age, but I will say I am in the 30-40 somethings ;) and I feel great! My skin is softer and I feel younger than ever before.  I have been using the glove for almost 6 months and it is unbelievable.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting better skin.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

Susan Coburn, Orange, Ca  


"My husband is 37 and I am 36.  We have been using the  Magic Peeling Glove® fo     ges it takes a lot more effort to take care of it.  The Magic Peeling Glove®  makes it so easy


Ok, I was skeptical.  My dry skin doesn't respond to anything, boy how I have tried! Pumice doesn't even work very well, and the words 'gently exfoliates' drive me up the wall.

I read the rave reviews here, and I bought the glove because it was cheaper than a belt sander. It shipped quickly enough, and came in a package emblazoned with instructions in several languages. After a five minute soak in warm water, you are supposed to use the glove against your skin up and down a few times, and that's that.

Oh. My. God. I love this thing. I can't believe just how much dead skin came off! It can take a little scrubbing, but the results are worth it! There were some rough spots on my arms that are almost gone now. I have a 4 in surgical scar that even looks a little lighter after a few uses.


Meredith Meyer, Raleigh, NC ( customer)

I really hope you guys come out with some skin cream or something soon because I like this product so much.  I didn't realize how much "dirty" skin I had on me.  Of course I bathe everyday, and I take rather good care of my skin.  I get facials every 6 weeks and I also use some high end products.  My skin is in good condition and I always thought I was doing all that I could to take care of it.  Then I bought your glove out of sheer curiousity.  It has now become my #1 product.  No matter WHAT I do I cannot go without using it.  No matter what I put on my skin, it doesn't feel the same unless I have used the glove.  Liek I said, I really am curious to see what other products you may have.

Michelle LaSalle, Hudson, MA